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Are you trying to grow your business?

Are you reaching and attracting the right local customers?

The Milton Media Group offers a marketing solution that helps bring local businesses and neighbors together.
As Publisher of Our Milton Neighbor and Crabapple Neighbors, my job is to make sure that my magazines deliver the Higher Net Worth homeowners in Milton, Alpharetta, and Roswell that my advertising sponsors want to reach with their campaigns.
Best Version Media has developed over 925 proprietary direct mail publications that reach a micro-target of affluent homeowners. BVM offers many unique benefits for local sponsors:

Micro-Targeted Neighborhood-specific direct
distribution to:

Why BVM is an effective Advertising Option?

Open Rate

Neighbors appear on the cover

In an independent survey, readers reported referencing their BVM magazine as many as five times per month*

Independent survey shows 89.4% of residents read BVM monthly magazines*

High-value Penetration

Promote the residents & neighborhoods

Neighborhood-specific target marketing

Micro-Targeted content

Independent survey shows 92.6% of residents found the content yet useful*

Market Influence

Nearly all homeowners

Affluent residents and readers with buying power

Highly educated residents

Neighbors are involved and active within the community


It's a magazine of the people. by the people. for the people

Family Features. neighborhood events & updates

Readers participate in content

Repeat readership because of local event calendar

Premier Distribution

Mailed directly to residents' homes

Not sitting on a stack in a coffee shop or store

Penetrate the exact market you are trying to reach

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities available in North Atlanta contact Stacey Poehler at 770-455-2399
miltonmediagroupLLC@gmail.com You can also submit a detailed message on our contact us page

{ Branding Points }

BVM Publications reach markets with the most discretionary income and the highest rates of home ownership. These audiences are more likely to read our magazines and, in doing so, see your sponsorship of the local publication. BVM readers are more likely to feel secure about their ability to ride out current and future bumps in an economy. When consuming at near-pre-recession levels during tougher times, they are more selective and tend to stick with brands they know and trust.

According to the Harvard Business Review and Forbes magazine, market downturns allow companies that intelligently advertise to increase long-term market share, allowing them to position their brand higher than when the economy is stronger2. When marketers cut back on their ad spending, brands lose their "share of mind" with consumers, potentially losing current customers and future customers as well.

Recently, the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) found that in the 2008 recession, brands that "went dark" (stopped advertising and communicating with consumers for one year) suffered considerable financial consequences for six months or more and took five years to recover and return to their normal profits. Companies that cut their ad budgets in half for one year took three years to recover'.

Speaking directly to today’s circumstances, market experts from Black Rock predict that “[economic] market activity should return rapidly with little economic damage.” Now is the time to take advantage of the growth when you can bring your brand to the forefront and stay in front of your best customers.

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    Our magazines are social media in print. We take the best of Instagram and Facebook - the ability to connect people and share stories and pictures. We love connecting with neighbors and local businesses on social media. Follow us and we’ll follow you back.
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